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Heavy Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician

Are you looking to pursue a career as a Heavy Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician? At GTA Group Training Association we will give you training on inspecting and repairing heavy vehicles that will allow you to work in a dealership or for an independent garage, franchise or large fleet operator.

A great start to your career

This apprenticeship has been designed to meet the professional standards of the relevant professional bodies of the Engineering Council for initial registration as an Engineering Technician (Eng. Tech). After completing this apprenticeship, you will be eligible to apply for registration as an Engineering Technician with a relevant professional body allowing you to progress with your Career to Master Technician or to a management level.

What will you learn?
  • Fundamentals of heavy vehicle technologies (such as chassis design, engine, fuels, transmissions, electrical, air-conditioning, braking and suspension systems)

  • The types and characteristics of heavy vehicles

  • Problem-solving skills, methods, principles and techniques on diagnosing issues related to heavy vehicles

  • Health, safety and environmental awareness applicable to the industry

  • Requirements for Operators ("O”) Licence for heavy vehicles

  • Methods and techniques on servicing, inspecting and maintaining heavy vehicles and trailers to the expected standards, as well as the importance of safety inspections within the heavy vehicles industry

  • Communication skills: building relationships with the customer and meeting their expectations

  • Time management, reliability, flexibility, diligence skills

  • Insights in business operations: commercial and financial awareness

  • How to provide roadside assistance to heavy vehicle