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This is an incredibly difficult time and our focus is to safeguard the wellbeing our students and staff avoiding the spread of the COVID-19 virus among the GTA Group Training Association community.

At GTA Group Training Association we are following all guidelines and protocols recommended by the British Government and enforcing rules such as social distancing within our premises. 

Furthermore, we are open allowing us to support keyworkers in our communities, customers and apprentices who need to access our support and training services unless otherwise informed by the Government, DVSA, ESFA or DfE.

At the moment we are running an Online Learning and Training Programme that allows all the learners to keep up to date with their Learning and Training you can find out more in our Remote Learning Policy (downloadable below)


COVID-19 Updates .jpg


1st May 2022

COVID-19 Updates .jpg

Privacy Notice Learner Testing

14th April 2021

COVID-19 Updates .jpg

Apprentice and Employer Letters

4th January 2022

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