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Motorcycle Technician (Level 3)

36 Months

Are looking to become a Motorcycle Technician? The GTA will support you to pursue that career. You will receive training on routine motorcycle maintenance and in-depth training in diagnosing and rectifying motorcycle engine faults, electrical faults, replacement of components and more.

A great start to your career

On completion of this apprenticeship, you will be eligible to apply for the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) membership and entry on to the IMI Professional Register. You will be able to work towards higher levels of technical training, including master technician or professional accreditation, along with supervisory and managerial positions.

What will you learn?
  • The types and characteristics of handlebars, suspension and braking in motorcycles.

  • Legislation on wheels and tyre specifications, characteristics and uses to include competition, off-road, road use and touring motorcycles.

  • Characteristics and types of engines and power sources (such as two-stroke, four-stroke, single and multiple cylinder construction and electric propulsion) in motorcycles.

  • Characteristics and types of cooling, lubrication, fuel and ignition systems in motorcycles.

  • Characteristics and type of intake and exhaust systems as well as transmission types in motorcycles.

  • How electrical systems work (including engine management, lighting, monitoring and instrumentation, security and accessory fitting).

  • Legislation on servicing, inspecting and maintaining motorcycles to ensure safe operation and licensing.

  • Communication skills to build customer relationships and ensure their expectations and requirements are met.

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