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GTA rated 'Good' by Ofsted!

We are thrilled to share our exciting news from our recent visit from Ofsted. We have been rated as GOOD in all areas!

At GTA our apprentices achieve and are well prepared for their futures. Ofsted said:

“A high proportion of apprentices achieve their qualification and pass their end-point assessments, often with merit and distinction grades. Apprentices also benefit from achieving additional qualifications in subjects, such as first aid, abrasive wheels and fire safety.”

“Apprentices are equipped well for the needs of their employers and to progress to a range of future careers. Many go on to undertake the nationally recognised Automotive Technician Accreditation scheme or to become qualified MOT testers. Tutors provide apprentices with appropriate impartial careers guidance, including guidance on studying towards higher-level qualifications, gaining promotions at work and starting their own businesses.”

We are proud of our apprentices here at GTA and their behaviour and attitudes whilst attending our training centres in both Doncaster and Sheffield, this was reflected in the findings by Ofsted:

“Apprentices have positive attitudes towards their learning and are motivated to achieve. They value the support, encouragement and high expectations of their tutors, with whom they build good working relationships. Apprentices appreciate their tutors’ experience in the motor vehicle industry and the breadth and depth of their knowledge and skills.”

“Apprentices demonstrate positive and respectful attitudes. They develop in confidence, resilience and professionalism during their programmes, which enables them to take on a wider range of tasks with greater complexity in the workplace.”

Ofsted commented on how we are continuously improving our equipment and facilities to benefit the Apprentice’s experience:

“Over the last five years, leaders have upgraded both the quality and quantity of the equipment and vehicles which are used for apprentices’ training. For example, apprentices training to be vehicle paint damage technicians train on equipment which can mix ten million colours, rather than using pre-mixed paint. Apprentices have improved their performance in practical tasks and are confident in using the technical equipment which is crucial to their working lives.”

We work closely with and value our employers, Ofsted spoke to some of them:

“Leaders establish strong working relationships with employers, who speak very highly of the provider and value the communication with them. Employers are kept up to date with their apprentices’ curriculum, progress and assessments. They benefit from apprentices who are able to take on more responsibility competently and confidently, and who also bring skills in using the latest technology to their workshops and garages”

Ofsted could see that we are looking to the future:

“Leaders and managers have a clear curriculum vision to provide specialist training for the motor vehicle industry. They work with small and medium-sized workshops and garages, as well as with larger regional and national organisations. They are forward thinking in their curriculum planning, and tutors receive training to increase their knowledge about the latest technologies, such as electric and hybrid vehicles, which they share with apprentices.”

The full Ofsted report can be found here:

We have now been rated GOOD four times in a row, 2022, 2016, 2011 and 2007 (Ofsted gradings started in 2007). We are immensely proud of this achievement!

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