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Yard Shunter

A Yard Shunter has an important role in a logistics business’s smooth running when it comes to moving rigid or articulated vehicles around a site.


Yard Shunters play a vital role in the checking of loads on vehicles and their security. They are the first line of defence for finding any defects with the vehicle or trailer. They are also highly skilled in their role of ensuring vehicles and trailers are in the right place at the right time

What will you learn?
  • All relevant sections of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

  • The responsibility of a yard shunter.

  • The workplace transport safety policy.

  • Introduction to daily walk around and vehicle checks.

  • Familiarisation drive.

  • Coupling and uncoupling procedures.

  • Principles of reversing an articulated vehicle.

  • Carry out pre-use checks and the fault or defect reporting procedure.

  • Complete a driver side (good side) and blindside reverse.


Candidates will be provided with a GTA in-house certification of competence on completion of the course.

Duration and cost:


  • Duration: 2 days (1 day at GTA site and 1 day onsite)

  • Cost: £577

  • Location: GTA + Onsite

  • Candidates: max 3


  • Duration: 1 day

  • Cost: £367

  • Location: Onsite

  • Candidates: max 3

*Prices may change at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without further notice. However, if you have ordered but not yet paid for a product, we guarantee the price for one month from when the order was placed.

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