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You Said, We Did!

Over the last year we have taken the following action and made improvements in response to requests made by our learners:

The following learner voice meetings have taken place over the last 12 months - 05/01/2021, 27/07/2021, 04/05/2021 and 24/02/2021.

If you want to get involved, and haven't already please contact Nicola Mitchell -

You said: We want to arrange a football tournament which would help with team building.

We did: We completed our first GTA football tournament on 13/11/21 and we are going to make this a regular event, with approximately three events per year.

You said: We want new equipment in the Body Shop, especially two orbital sanders and quick release airline connections.

We did: Exactly this! We purchased two orbital sanders identified by the apprentices and quick release airline connectors.

You said: We want Meal Deal options from the Café.

We did: Exactly this! We had several meetings with the café owner, discussed the options, and we now have a new Meal Deal system as requested by the Learner Voice group and apprentices.

You said: We would like an improved learner breakout room.

We did: The new breakout room in Doncaster is currently under construction, which is expected to be completed February 2022

You said: We would like improved food storage and re-heating facilities.

We did: The new breakout room in Doncaster will include these once construction is completed February 2022.

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